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Nightmare AI is an AI Upscaler powered by the nightmareai/Real-ESRGAN technology, a super-resolution ai model capable of enhancing the quality of image,photo, and anime. It is designed to improve image quality and clarity and upscale images into HD resolution.

Features of Nightmare AI

AI Photo Upscaler

Nightmare AI Photo Upscaler can unblur photos by Real-ESRGAN algorithm.This photo upscaler can enlarge your photo, improve photo quality, increase photo resolution by 2x, 4x, also support upscale to 2k & 4K.Best AI Upscaler for your photo.

Significantly improve photo quality.

Improve photo clarity and make your blurry image more clear.

Enlarge your photo to HD, 2K & 4K resolution without losing quality.

AI Anime Upscaler

Nightmare AI Upscaler can upscale blurry anime, cartoon and comic pictures.This AI Upscaler wil auto some anime details, ensuring enlarge anime picture without loosing quality.

the best AI Upscaler online for anime and cartoons.

Preservation of anime characteristics during the upscaling process.

support upscale anime to 4k, make it sharper and clearer.

AI Image Upscaler

Nightmare AI Upscaler uses advanced Real-ESRGAN algorithms to upscale image without significant loss of quality. This feature is particularly beneficial for upscale images while maintaining sharpness and detail.

Upscale images without loss of quality.

Preservation of details in upscaled images for a natural and clear appearance.

AI Upscaler for 4K without sacrificing image quality.

How to upscale your photo/anime/images on Nightmare AI?

Step 1: Upload

select your image to be enhanced into nightmare ai.

Step 2: Upscale

Once you click upscale button, your photo or anime will undergo an automatic upscale. The resolution will be inscreased to 2K or 4K as you select.choose the right resolution for your image.

Step 3: Download

click download button to get your hd images.

Steps image


FAQ of Nightmare AI

what is Nightmare AI

Nightmare AI is an online AI Upscaler, it use real-esrgan based AI upscaler & enhancer model that utilizes enhanced super-resolution generative adversarial networks (GAN) to increase image resolution while improving quality.It can upscale images up to 4K and offers optional face correction capabilities.

where can i use alternative of replicate nightmareai online?

you can use alternative of replicate nightmareai Upscaler on

how to use Nightmare AI upscaler for free?

try free AI Upscaler named Nightmare AI on, just upload your image and get the enhanced image, we get free verison.

is nightmare ai free?

yes, you can use free version of nightmare ai on, but if you want to upscale image to 2K or 4K, you can try our pro feature.

which image format dose Nightmare AI supporte?

Nightmare AI support upscale JPG and PNG pictures and the the size should be less than 10M.

How do I get support or a refund on Nightmare AI?

If you want support or get money back, please send a email to us within 14 days of your purchase and we will refund your

Nightmare AI: AI Image Upscaler