Pricing for Nightmare AI

Onetime payment, No monthly bill


1 month license, No monthly bill
  • 50 credits
  • About 50 2k-images or 25 4k-images
  • Upscale to 2K & 4K
  • Download enhanced image


3 month license, No monthly bill
  • 200 credits
  • About 200 2k-images or 100 4k-images
  • Upscale to 2K & 4K
  • Download enhanced image

Free plan

1 day license
  • 2 credits
  • Upscale to 2K only
  • Download enhanced image

Nightmare AI features

Discover the usecase of Nightmare AI

AI Image Enhancer

Nightmare AI uses advanced Real-ESRGAN algorithms to upscale image without significant loss of quality. This feature is particularly beneficial for enlarging images while maintaining sharpness and detail.

AI Anime Enhancer

Nightmare AI uses nightmare/Real-ESRGAN algorithm to enhance blurry anime picture.The ai anime enhancer intelligently add more anime details, ensuring that the enhanced anime picture maintain a high level of clarity without loosing quality.

AI Photo Enhancer

Nightmare AI uses Real-ESRGAN algorithm to enhance blurry photos.The ai photo enhancer intelligently add more photo details, resulting in photo enhanced and increase photo resolution.


FAQ about Nightmare AI

what is Nightmare AI?

Nightmare AI is an online image upscaler tool, it use real-esrgan based AI upscaler & enhancer model that utilizes enhanced super-resolution generative adversarial networks (GAN) to increase image resolution while improving quality.It can upscale images up to 4K and offers optional face correction capabilities.

where can i use alternative of replicate nightmareai online?

you can use alternative of replicate nightmareai Upscaler on

how to use ai image upscaler for free?

try free ai upscaler named Nightmare AI on, just upload your image and get the enhanced image, we get free verison.

is nightmare ai free?

yes, you can use free version of nightmare ai on, but if you want to upscale image to 2K or 4K, you can try our pro feature.

which image format is supported?

we support upscale JPG and PNG pictures and the the size should be less than 10M.

How do I get support or a refund?

If you want support or get money back, please send a email to us within 14 days of your purchase and we will refund your

Nightmare AI Upscaler & Enhancer

amazing online AI powered photo & anime enhancer